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February 2019

Fireside Chat Discussing Estate Planning for Collectors And Artists

This Fireside Chat will have a panel discussion about the issues involved in estate planning that all collectors and artists should resolve now. The discussion will concentrate on ways to make things as easy as possible for survivors to handle a collector’s collection of artwork or an artist’s inventory of artwork. Some of the topics will include the importance of cataloging your artwork, the importance of having a will and the differences between estates and trusts. The members of the panel are as follows:

Vickie Wilcox – an attorney with Wilcox & Myers, P.C. who specializes in estate planning, wills, and trusts and works with several artist’s estates and foundations. www.wilcoxlawnm.com

Kathleen Shields – former gallerist and presently the Executive Director of the Frederick Hammersley Foundation. www.hammersleyfoundation.org 

Kim Arthun – artist and gallerist with Exhibit 208. www.exhibit208.com

Bailie – personal representative of the Lilly Fenichel Estate. www.lillyfenichel.com

Fay Abrams – former owner of Mariposa Gallery, past president of the Capitol Art Foundation in Santa Fe and art collector.


March 2019

Visit to Michael Semsch’s Studio & Informal Walk Through of Mural Alley on 2nd Street- Albuquerque, NM

Michael Semsch is a woodworking artist whose sculpture and design furniture grace residences, places of worship, commercial and public spaces across the US. With an over 40-year relationship with wood, a great respect for his medium, and a visceral connection with what once was a living thing, Michael seeks to unlock the intrinsic qualities found in each piece.  A New Mexico resident for 26 years, he is best known locally for his installation of sculpted wood animal carvings at the Rio Grande Zoo Cottonwood Cafe in Albuquerque.

Michael is currently obsessed, and at the same time blessed, with transforming, re-incarnating and bringing new life to a Chinese Buddhist Thousand Hand and Eye Bodhisattva sculpture, of an undetermined origin and age, for the Fa Yun Monastery of Taos, New Mexico. In the process, he has also transformed his studio space to accommodate this monumental effort.  Michael invites you to come visit and share in the fantasy on March 24.


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This world is but a canvas to our imagination...
— Henry David Thoreau

Image of CAS Visit to Las Cruces Museum of Art, Las Cruces, November 2016