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July 2019

Studio visits with Rebecca Cohen and Stephen Fehér – Placitas, NM

Rebecca describes herself as a recovering art dealer (8 years in Austin) and an arts writer. For some reason she put off making art for as long as she could before returning to the studio about a decade ago. She describes her art as follows:
"Collage is the medium through which I've found my voice as an artist. It provides an avenue for responding to world events as I transform newsprint imagery and mixed media into art. I strive to make each collage painterly in appearance, luring viewers with its beauty before confronting them with intimate and sometimes painful detail. These are the stories of strangers made personal through
my retelling. I want the viewer to find his or her place in the narrative as I present my own unique commentary on the topic at hand."


Stephen Fehér has been creating sculpture for 30+ years, for 20 years part time and after retiring from the practice of psychology in 2010, full time. He began working in stone, and more recently began working in metals; steel, copper, and more recently bronze. Mostly he works with recycled metals, primarily bicycle chains. In his work he enjoys making curvy soft forms with materials that are not soft to begin with. He works in "negative space" in concrete forms and the welds are not visible from the front of the piece when removed from the concrete form. The concrete forms are made from life casts and mannequins. Recently he has begun pouring molten copper with other alloys from life casts, creating a semi-abstract representation of the human form. Sometimes he pours bronze through a bike chain sculpture into the concrete form.


August 2019

Tour of galleryFRITZ and visit with Sculptor Paula Castillo and her Exhibition THAT MOUNTAIN OVER THERE (NOW I SEE HER) –
Santa Fe, NM

One of the more interesting new galleries to open in Santa Fe recently is galleryFRITZ owned by noted Santa Fe art dealer Deborah Fritz and directed by George Brugnone. Deborah and George will lead us on a private tour of the gallery along with an overview of the gallery's program and artists. One of the exhibitions on view during our visit features the Córdova, NM-based sculptor Paula Castillo who will also be on hand to guide us through her exhibition entitled That Mountain Over There (Now I See Her). Our visit will be immediately followed by a public talk by Paula Castillo about her current work in the gallery.

Castillo states, "I am most well-known for my sculpture which utilizes both fabricated and carefully appropriated industrial steel bi-product scavenged from regional fabricators to ‘show and tell’ a piece of the suffocating dislocation of matter. I arrange and weld these modest forms to mimic the manic intensity with which we structure our world, i.e. the human agency to arrange and work nature/ culture.”


September 2019

Studio visits with Signe Stuart and Phil Binaco – Santa Fe, NM

Signe Stuart's professional history spans over fifty years, beginning in the early 1960's. Her approach to art making relies on experimentation with painting materials and forms, often breaking from the standard rectangle and concepts of framing. From 1989 to 2014, Stuart created several room size installations incorporating sound, light, and sensors, utilizing industrial materials styrofoam, tyvek, and vacuuforms. She is also a painter using mixed media and sewn canvas. Observations and questions about mysteries of the universe, life and consciousness are sources of visual ideas for her paintings and constructions.


The New York Times described his work as “slightly intoxicating – animated by a hint of spiritual luminosity.” Creating abstractions out of wax and resin, Phil meticulously inscribes the thick, smooth surfaces with fine parallel lines to create flickering textures and simple rectilinear compositions. Reductively produced, Binaco’s process of precisely layering wax and pigment creates a depth in his work that goes beyond the three-dimensional and object-like quality of the piece itself.


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This world is but a canvas to our imagination...
— Henry David Thoreau

Image of CAS Visit to Las Cruces Museum of Art, Las Cruces, November 2016