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June 2018

Visit to Jonathan Morse’s Studio & Walk-Through at 5. Gallery With Gallerist Max Basemen and Artist Ilona Pachler- Santa Fe, NM

Jonathan Morse is a Santa Fe based artist currently working in digital media. His background in the photography and printmaking process inform his current imagery using simple digital media to produce and print these highly creative images. As Jonathan explains:

A traditional (sort of) printmaker with early twenty-first century tools, my layers dissolve, transform and republish themselves into a recombinant vision. For me photography has always been a mark-making medium and I weave its spell back into my images, merging, painting, drawing and distilling. My internal visual history enables connections conscious and unconscious, my few Photoshop tools become my literative friends, but it's still all about ink on paper. The thrilling complexity and beauty of the lithographic wash still vibrates in my retina. The printed image, fixed in time as printmakers have long lovingly labored to produce, confirms and honors the expanding profundity we aspire to find within ourselves.

Writing a few years ago Jonathan explained his process: for a long time I have not been comfortable "taking" a picture (those seen images of the world around me I can simply remember), preferring to "make" a picture instead....our lives are collages of textures and impressions, input from here and from there, pastiches of pleasures recalled and pain endured.

Santa Fe-based artist Ilona Pachler will be walking us through her latest exhibition at one of Santa Fe's newest galleries known as 5. Gallery. Gallerist Max Baseman will be present to discuss his gallery's unique program and stable of artists, and how he has met the challenges of representing contemporary visual artists in the Santa Fe area. Ilona Pachler earned her MFA Cum Laude in Textile Arts from the Art University in Linz, Austria. She works with images derived from photos and screen printed onto various substrates in addition to sculptural elements. In her current practice she addresses the memory of place and the immeasurability of memory.

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— Henry David Thoreau

Image of CAS Visit to Las Cruces Museum of Art, Las Cruces, November 2016